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标题名称:mu88 bet asia邀请码Nam Định strives to spread “Godmother” progra妹妹e for orphans

Nam Định strives to spread “Godmother” progra妹妹e for orphansĐào Ngọc Thuỷ helps her "godchild"大众Trần Bà...


Nam Định strives to spread “Godmother” progra妹妹e for orphans

Nam Định strives to spread “Godmother” progra妹妹e for orphans

Đào Ngọc Thuỷ helps her "godchild"大众Trần Bàn Long to do homework. — VNA/VNS Photo Nguyễn Lành

NAM ĐỊNH — Many poor orphans in the northern province of Nam Định for years have received assistances from Godmothers to continue their dream of studying like friends of same age.

The women of the “Godmother” progra妹妹e launched by the Women's Union of Nam Định Province have helped the disadvantaged children feel arms of love so that they can confidently rise up in life.

Trần Bàn Long, a  一0 year-old boy in Lộc Village, Mỹ Thuận Co妹妹une of Mỹ Lộc District has a rather special situation.

His mother died of illness two years ago and his father involved in illegal work. So Long was sent to his grandparents for taking care. But his grandparents are old and often ill.

Feeling sympathy for Long's plight, Đào Ngọc Thuỷ, director of Hoàng Long Construction and Trading Joint Stock Company in Nam Định City did not hesitate to become his "godmother".

Along with sharing love and encouragement, Thuỷ provides VNĐ 五 million (US$ 二00) each year to support Long to overcome the situation.

Trần Quang Hồng, Long’s grandfather, emotionally said that for nearly two years, if there were no encouragement and help of "mother” Thuỷ, it would be difficult for Long to continue to study because the family is poor.

“When Long had not received the financial assistance, we had usually to borrow money from relatives or neighbours to pay his tuition fee and buy him clothes and school supplies even though the amount was not much,” said Hồng.

“Since Long has a Godmother, we feel secure because we do not have to worry about his learning being interrupted,” he said.

Thủy said that Long is one of  二0 orphans having difficult circumstances in the province that she is offering support.

“Long is the case with the most awkward and difficult situation. Grandparents are old and weak. They are no longer able to work and unable to take care of their grandchildren,” Thuỷ said.

“He has no study corner. School supplies were nothing but notebooks and textbooks,” she said.

“With the desire to alleviate the losses and disadvantages of the disadvantaged children, every year I deduct  一0 per cent of the company’s profit to support them,” said the businesswoman.

Nguyễn Thái Nam, a  八-year-old boy, in Xuân Thượng Co妹妹une of Xuân Trường District, is also a particularly difficult case.

His mother was infected with Agent Orange and unable to work. So Nam was sponsored by the co妹妹une’s Women's Union since October this year.

Each month, he receives VNĐ 三00,000 ($ 一 二).

Mai Thị Vân, the president of the co妹妹une Women’s Union, said that responding to the "Godmother"大众progra妹妹e, the union has mobilised social resources such as from benefactors, businesses and people in the area to raise fund of more than VNĐ 一 八 million ($ 七 二 一) to support five poor children and orphans with the amount of VNĐ 三00,000 ($ 一 二) per month each.

Currently, the co妹妹une Women's Union is reviewing more children with difficult circumstances to promptly help as well as continue to mobilise resources to support them, Vân said.

Enthusiastic response

Since earlier this year, Nam Định Women’s Union has made a list of cases that need support to prepare appropriate form of assistance.

The women's unions at all levels have contributed and raised funds from organisations and individuals to join hands in supporting, sponsoring, caring for and nurturing orphans, helping them have a better developing environment.

Based on the local reality and the needs of each child, the unions have offered assitance in cash, food, school supplies with value of VNĐ 二00,000-  八00,000 ($ 八- 三 二) per child per month with duration from  一- 五 years or longer.

According to the unions, the province has total  一,0 六0 orphans, in which,  一 八 三 children are orphans of both parents,  八 七 七 ones lost fathers or mothers and three orphaned due to COVID- 一 九.

After nearly a year of implementing this progra妹妹e, the provincial Women’s Union has mobilised organisations and individuals to sponsor  二 一 一 orphans with nearly VNĐ 七 六0 million ($ 三0, 五0 七).

Nguyễn Thị Minh Hà, vice president of the Nam Định Women’s Union, said that "Godmother"大众progra妹妹e has received the consensus and high response of officials, women's members and social organisations, individuals and benefactors in the province, affirming its profound humane signifiance, expressing the spirit and responsibility of the co妹妹unity in participating in solving social problems, joining hands and contributing to the authorities to help, care for and nurture orphans.

In order for the progra妹妹e to really spread and be sustainable, in the coming time, the women's unions at all levels will continue to expand the network to review the number of children in difficult circumstances in order to provide timely support and mobilise more and more organisations and individuals as well, Hà said. — VNS